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Le tour de France des villages chics
(article de l'Express du 04 juillet 2002)

  • Its islands

    The Callot Island: a charming inhabited island, which one can join with foot or in the car bus at the time of the tides the sea discovers a sinkable passage. You will be able to trott yourselves there in its wild moor or among these small flowers, to slacken you on its beautiful fine sand beaches, or to discover its small vault of the sixteenth century at the time of various forgiveness (most important A place on August 15).

    The Louët island: another small island on which the headlight was built which guides the boats to enter bay of Morlaix. This small rock is the privileged place, with all the other islands with broad of Carantec, of the various birds which like to find in spring, of the quiet corners to lay their eggs and to brood them.

    Various beaches which skirt the coast, you will be able to see more or less distant islands, inhabited that by the birds. They are visible at the time of excursions suggested in the high-speed motorboat in all bay of Morlaix. This strolls among the scents of the sea is very pleasant.

  • Its Coast

    Beaches: small fine sand splits to the great beaches you will find your happiness, either the feet in range under the sun, or partly of fishing to the winkles for example.

    Footpaths: They are present on 15 km all around the point which Carantec form in the sea. They are generally traced in the medium of the flowered gorses, the scented heathers and the pines.

    The park Claude Goude: it is a wooded area in which it makes strolled good. It is composed of rare species in the area, the such oak cork and holm oak, but also of exotic plants, mimosas and eucalyptus. You will be able there tranquilement to read a book on the stone vestige terrase of an old castle which gives on the beach of Clouët, or to observe the squirrels which jump of branches in branches.

    Peninsula of PEN Al Lann : Bordered by a hiking trail, this point covered with pines and surrounded of beaches and splits is a pleasant place to stroll.

    The "Chaise du Curé" (Chair of the Priest): Discover this rock on which you will be able to sit down a few moments for observe this marvellous landscape that the bay of Morlaix offers.


  • Its cultural inheritance

    Music : of neo-classic type, an organ of 16 plays was created in 1990 for the church of Carantec. It contributes to develop the musical life of Carantec, thanks to many concerts which are given under the neogothic voutes of its church. There is also a very famous choral society: "Kanerien San Karanteg", which already produced its sixth album.

    The maritime museum : Since 1988, this museum preserves the local maritime inheritance and exposes various objects found on wrecks of the area. it lodges also temporary exposures of tables related to the sea. Since spring a 2000 permanent exposure recalls the history of the marine carantécois which took part in resistance by joining General de Gaulle in England.

    The "chateau du Taureau" (castle of the Bull) : This imposing fortress holds its name of the rock on which it was built between 1542 and 1544 in order to protect Morlaix (important economic pole) from the English invader.

    Art galleries : Since 1980, one can regularly go to see the Art galleries which are held in Carantec.



  • Its restaurants

    Come to discover our local gastronomy in our restaurants and creperies. In particular let try itself by a good seafood dish: crabs, shrimps or oysters, or then our crepes combining savours of the sea and the ground.

    Also come to the table from our chief Patrick Jeffroy who has obtained his second star with the Michelin guide this year, he will accomodate you in his restaurant: the Hotel of Carantec with dishes which will dissolve you of pleasure.

  • Its curiosities

    The market :it is held every Thursday mornings in the center of Carantec. It is pleasant to go to discover the products of the areas like artichokes, oysters or crepes and far Breton.

    Of more than April to September, are organized in Carantec various activities of street (jugglers, clowns...), Nautical fireworks, concerts, animations, exhibitions (paintings, photographs...), village fairs, annual stock sale, circus...